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episode #13

writing a book when you don't know how

5 years ago, Kent Davis had never written a novel. Now he's published three. We learn how he got started and how he kept going when nothing he was writing was good enough and everything was hard and terrible until it wasn't.

Learn more about Kent Davis at http://kentishdavis.com
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Steven Michael Ledbetter AKA Stevo

Steven Michael Ledbetter AKA Stevo

Omar Ganai

Omar Ganai


In every episode, Stevo and Omar explore a case study of behavior change and try to help you answer the question “Why is change so hard?” so you can get better at the habits that matter.


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episode #12

Dr. Amy Bucher has been designing health behavior change programs for over a decade, but how does she keep herself feeling motivated? Today's conversation is a deep-dive into the science "Basic Psychological Needs," and why sometimes we feel motivated by data and sometimes it makes us feel like giving up and throwing our Fitbit in a drawer.

episode #11

On a whim, Shane moved to Oakland to start a rap career when he was 20 years old, shy, and didn't know anyone. Now he makes new friends every day, because he learned how to get out of his comfort zone. Find out what happened when Shane just started walking up to people and saying, "yo, I like you shirt."

episode #10

If you were the most-produced living playwright in the USA, you probably wouldn’t consider taking up a new art form. But Lauren Gunderson did just that, in a tribute to someone who loved the banjo. Then she wrote about it, and finally — after writing hundreds of plays — cast herself as the main character.

episode #9

What if you only ever tried stuff that you were already awesome at? You'd never end up cycling across France, with a bunch of high school students, like our guest Stella Orange. Learn what you might gain from what she calls "falling on the sword of your own dignity."

episode #8

changing your social media habits

What would happen if you just unfollowed the things that made you feel bad? In a world with millions of social media options, it's becoming more important to be judicious in what you consume. People often audit their diets, but have you ever logged what social media you consume and how it makes you feel? Kat Zdan began doing just that about a year ago, and it turns out the answer is not so simple. She explores the pros and cons of controlling your social media feeds in this open conversation about the impact that they have had on her life and self-image.

episode #7

why some people persist at their resolutions and others quit

Dr. Heather Patrick has designed some of the largest behavior change studies in history. We sit down to talk about why some people seem to achieve their New Year's goals and others struggle. She blows Coach Stevo's mind with a cool new behavior change tool called "practice quitting" and opens up about her own struggle to "find her tribe."

Episode 6

How to Make Confrontation Easier

How do you have difficult conversations? Today we talk to Marcia Baczynscki of "Asking for What you Want" and "The Good Girl Recovery Program" about how she got so good at confrontation and difficult conversations with both people she loves and strangers on the street.

Episode 5

Put Technology in Service of Your Goals

Does technology help or hinder you? We talk with Dustin DiTommaso about how you can make technology work for you...instead of letting it run your life.

Episode 4

What Happens When You Stop Complaining?

“What would happen if I never complained again?” Cianna Stewart asked herself one day in 2010. The answer inspired the No Complaining Project. Find out what a complaint really is, whether it’s ever okay to complain, and how to stop complaining when it’s an ingrained habit. (If you want to. Why would anyone want to stop complaining, anyway?)

Episode 3

Fix Anything with a Growth Mindset

Unexpected things can happen when your car won’t start and you have no time, money, or tools. Plus, you may have heard about something called a “growth mindset”: learn about this one simple trick that will help you fix anything.

Episode 2

Rally Your Accountabilibuddies

Does it ever feel like your friends and family don’t support your plans? Dr. Jennifer LaGuardia, a Clinical Psychologist and one of the world’s top motivation experts, talks about how you can recruit help from the people in your life to change your habits. And even better, she tells us how to avoid people’s most common mistakes.

Episode 1


bettercast preview

Improving your life is a worthy challenge. It's also super hard! We are so dang proud to announce the launch of bettercast. Meet people who faced the challenge and followed through. Also get the low-down from psychology and motivation experts about what it actually takes to change your life.

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