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It’s likely that your clients have made a few resolutions by now. Possibly they’ve even started breaking them. Right now, about two weeks into January, the excitement of the holidays may have worn off and your clients may be looking for some extra motivation and direction. The Habitry Collective is here to help: our members have penned some fantastic articles about goals, motivation, and change that you can share with your clients.  Our pick for the must-read article this week comes from K.C. Ushijima:

The Game (of Fitness) is Rigged. Here is How to Beat the Game.

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“The unsuspecting consumer may have a fit friend who only does [insert random exercise program], and the consumer may try it, not realizing the fit friend has different genetics, lifestyle and exercise background. The consumer may see an article online or in a magazine in the grocery checkout line about the only exercise needed to get a six-pack, not realizing the fitness model demonstrating the exercise may not actually do the exercise to get their body.” Continue Reading


From Georgie Fear:

The Easiest Way to Get More Support “So no one wins. They oppose you by voicing ‘oh yes you can have some!’ or ‘you don’t need to lose weight!’ not because they want to make your life harder, but because they care. If they feel your motive is dissatisfaction with yourself, any loving person will instinctively oppose you. ” Continue Reading

From Meredith Rhodes Carson:

Happy New Year! “Human beings make mistakes. And thank goodness we do, or we'd never learn anything.”

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From James Clear:

Never Check Email Before Noon (And Other Thoughts on Doing Your Best Work) “Trying to do your best work with a distracted brain is like trying to swim for a gold medal without a swim cap. Divided attention is like a thick head of hair creating a constant drag in your mental waters. Split your attention in too many directions and you’ll be paralyzed.”

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Reducing Stress: What Scientists Learned From the Children Who Survived a Famine During the Deadliest War in History “From a scientific perspective the Dutch survivors were perfect for study. The population consisted of a well-defined group of people who experienced one period of malnutrition at exactly the same time.”

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From Parker J. Burns:

A Community for Success “During the winter, it is not uncommon for us to train in 3-degree weather. Who in their right mind trains outside in 3 degrees? We do. Why? Because we hold each other accountable, and enjoy each other’s company.”

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And finally, from Coach Stevo:

The #1 Habit You Should Have to Lose Weight (It’s Not What You Think!) “Finding your own triggers is hard. Seeing other people’s is easy. Remembering to tell yourself, “Great job!” is hard. Remembering to tell other people is easy. Figuring out how to work new foods, new activities, and new steps into your own life is hard.”

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The Only Goal-Getting Tip You’ll Ever Need “The Master Sergeant didn’t ask us what we did yesterday, or so far that day—that was the past, and didn’t matter anymore. And he didn’t want us to make promises or predictions about distant days in the future, either. He cared about how we were going to use that day—today—to reach our goals.”

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How to Set Exercise Goals “Describe the kind of person you want to be at the end of this journey, not what you want to achieve. Do you want to be more disciplined? Making better health choices? A better example for your children?”

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How to Find Workouts You Like (and Will Stick To) “Diane Fu has seen a lot of people like me. The Olympic lifts are really easy to fall in love with and she’s been coaching them for a long time. She knows what psychologists have known for decades: willpower is limited and intrinsic motivation (aka fun) is an easy thing to crush under the expectation of future reward.”

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