Sup Motivators! Happy Sunday! Here is this week’s recap of all the conversations that happened in the Motivates Forums.

    • Andy Fossett said: It makes sense. Physiologically, perceived threats impede performance in a number of ways, so it almost stands to reason that it would work psychologically too. Similar logic behind the school lunch programs: "you can't focus on math if you don't know when you'll have your next meal."
    • Stevo said: Relevant book: http://www.amazon.com/Scarcity-Having.../dp/0805092641
  • Sean Flanagan asked Motivators about their experience with Dax Moy's "MindMap" system.
    • Josh Hillis said: I hung out with Dax a few times about ten years ago. He's really really amazing at coaching - just straight up coaching people to goals.Example, fifteen minutes of having a beer with him, and I was signed up for a Portuguese class (which was a really big thing for me at the time).I was thinking I'd love to take that course, I think in Miami. And there were times when I was a little more flush I would totally have signed up for it, but right now I have some big stuff I'm paying off and it wouldn't be responsible. That's a fancy way of saying I can't swing it right now

      But if I could, I'd totally want to know what Dax has to say about behavior change.