Welcome to the Motivate Collective, the premier coaches’ community of Habitry, Co. Here you'll find recommended reading and a little history about the Collective. We're so glad you can be a part of this conversation. Please be nice and remember to keep the mission the mission.

Help the most people help the most people.

Upcoming Summits for Motivators:

Motivate Forum was created after the first Motivate Summit in September 2014. Summits are where coaches get together to answer the question “How can I help my clients during the OTHER 167 hours a week that they're not meeting with me?” Everyone in the Forum and everyone who coaches is invited to join us. Learn more at http://motivatesumm.it

Summits for 2016:

Reading List:

A list of books, in no particular order, recommended by the Collective and curated by Stevo

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Articles by Motivators: 

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A New Hope. – Stevo on the success of the Motivate Summit and the birth of the Collective

Getting Luck in Utah. - Vernon on the Collective


Habitry, Co. was founded by Coach Stevo as labor of love after he finished graduate school in Health Psychology. He had all this amazing stuff he’d learned while writing his thesis on “an evidence-based tutorial for habit-based coaching in groups,” and he wanted to share it with the health and fitness world that he’s been working in since 2008. But he noticed that the other coaches he knew were doing even more cool stuff to affect their clients’ behavior than even the academic literature was talking about. So he founded Habitry initially as a group blog and newsletter about health psychology with the mission statement of “helping the most people help the most people. (Now, Habitry is even more than that. Check out our book, We Make Communities, and stay tuned for a product announcement in June 2015.)

The first big thing Habitry, Co. did was organize “The Motivate Summit, ” the first summit on behavior change and the first public UNconference in the health and wellness industry. So not only was it new, it was new and weird! The first summit was on September, 27 2014 in Salt Lake City and 41 people from all over the United States came to meet the other people who cared about their clients as much as they did. Appropriately, Coach Stevo started the Motivate Forum as a way to invite all the attendees of the Summit to the Piper Down, the bar he and Dan John were drinking at the night before the Summit.

After the wild success of the Motivate Summit, the attendees decided that the most important thing they could take away from their time in Utah was to keep in touch with the community of awesome and dedicated people they had met over the weekend. People volunteered to post specific items in the forums regularly, we created a short list of rules, and Coach Stevo started the tradition of “The Two Questions” as a way to introduce new members.

Most importantly, we wanted a safe space where great coaches and health professionals could talk about empathy, habits, willpower, behavior change, and the nitty-gritty work of how to impact our clients’ lives in the other 167 hours a week they aren’t with us. We wanted a place to work together to help every coach who wanted to learn get better at their profession.  And thus, the Motivate Collective was born.