Learn how Habitry can help health and fitness professionals help their clients make lasting, positive changes.

We cover:

  • How the Habitry Method teaches people to build habits
  • How health and fitness professionals can help more clients with less busy work
  • Why your business must be too convenient to fail
  • Habitry for iOS and how it is built to help professionals do all of the above
  • Options for learning more about habit-based coaching

About the presenters

Vanessa Naylon is Habitry's Co-founder, CMO & COO. Founding team member of 3 startups, with 11 years in B2B. Vanessa’s past lives involved marketing and growth hacking for social games, marketing and client services for ad tech, agile product management for a celebrity fan site, and community management for photographers and models.  Vanessa organizes a community of professional women focused on goal setting and achievement.

Omar Ganai is Habitry's Head of Coaching Success. Omar has been obsessed with motivation, behavior change, group dynamics, and all things Social and Personality Psychology for almost a decade. Founder & Editor of Organizational Psychology Review. M.A. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and researcher at Dr. Beck's Work Motivation Lab, Dr. Adair's Multicultural Teams Lab, and Dr. Glazer's Organizational Stress Lab. Management Consultant at Waterloo Organizational Research Consulting (WORC) Group.