A Book on Building Community for Coaches


We Make Communities

Most fitness professionals have the same two problems: They need more clients and they need a better way to keep their existing clients on track. Learn More


Health and Fitness Habits for Coaches


Health & Fitness Starter Kit

A 50-page guide designed to get you started in Habit-Based Coaching. Learn all about the science, stories, tips and tricks of the Habitry System and get 24 health & fitness habit examples, enough to run your own year-long habit-based behavior change program. Learn More


A Community Partnership with Lift the Bar


Lift the Bar

Lift the Bar is a thriving community of coaches who are getting better at all aspects of coaching. Habitry provides LTB members in-depth motivation science analysis, online training for habit coaching, and live workshops. Go to LTB’s site

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Calling everyone who’s not a coach: Improving your life is a worthy challenge. It's also super hard! Meet people who met the challenge and followed through, and hear from psychology and motivation experts about how successful change actually happens. Start Listening


Video Series


Coach Stevo Daily

Short, daily videos with practical tips on behavior change from Habitry CEO, Steven M. Ledbetter. Watch Some Videos



WEBINARS for Coaches

Habitry on Crowdcast

Learn about willpower, motivation, and how to inspire people with a narrative of change. Our behavior change experts get together regularly to bring you what’s new in motivation science. Learn More


Guest Podcast AppeArances


Guest Appearances by Steven Ledbetter

When Habitry is featured on a podcast, we post them here. See them all



300+ articles about behavior change, updated all the time. Read more

Connect with your Coaching Peers

THE ONLY Behavior Change UnConferences

No agenda. No gurus talking at beginners. No pitches. Just an open invitation for the people with a problem to talk about how to solve it.

It's a whole summit created to capture the awesome conversations that happen in the hotel lobbies and bars during those other conferences.

The Motivate Summits are not Summits for everybody. They're a call to action for the people with the passion and expertise to change their industry by tackling the hard problems no one else is talking about.