Essentials of Habit Coaching - Ongoing


Essentials of Habit Coaching - Ongoing


A five week, quick-start program for coaches who move past, "telling clients what to do," and learn the Habitry Method.  This is the beginning of the journey to becoming a Habitry Professional.

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Essentials of Habit Coaching

Habitry's Methods For Producing Lasting Behavior Change

Program dates: Jun 20, 2016 - Jul 24, 2016

You became a coach to help people transform their lives. And with the skills you learn in Essentials of Habit Coaching, you'll finally have a system for helping them build habits and keeping them motivated.


Listen to the creator of Essentials of Habit Coaching, Omar Ganai, talk about why he loves teaching the program

Why do hundreds of coaches take Essentials of Habit Coaching every year?

Guided by Motivators, Trained by Experts

As soon as you join, you'll be introduced to Omar Ganai, Habitry's own Head of Coaching Success, and a team of Habitry Guides who are all using Habitry in their gyms, practices, and client groups. These bonafide Motivators are there for all your questions. Even that question that you think is silly, that no one has ever asked before. And even that other question that you think is totally boring. Motivators will not only answer your so-called silly and boring questions, but also they'll give you dozens more ideas you didn't even think of.

Learn by doing

This is not a lecture. There are not content modules and tests. You’ll be learning skills, practicing them in real life, and getting feedback from experts. Every. Damn. Day. At Habitry, we know that the best coaches are the best at the basics, and there is no substitute for putting in hours.

Only 15 (of the hardest) minutes of your day

Essentials doesn't take a lot of time. Really. It's 15 minutes a day, tops. But no one is calling it easy. It's hard in a completely different way than you might be used to. You're going to have to put some skin in the game and seriously, for-real, coach people. Then you're gonna reflect on what you did, what you learned, and get feedback from Omar and the Habitry Guides. If that sounds too hard, then I'm pretty sure you can go back to telling people what to do and wondering why no one ever did it. could commit to 15 minutes.

Survive "HELL", the Habitry Professionals skills evaluation

At the end of Essentials you'll be given the opportunity to coach under observation and be given real, honest feedback on your mastery of the Essential Habit Coaching Skills you learn in the program. Our patented and trademarked "Habitry Evaluation Logic Level" will immediately tell you where you are at, how you've improved, and what areas you need to focus on in order to attain true Motivator status.

Become a Motivator

Once you've survived HELL, you have the right to call yourself...well, whatever the hell you want. This isn't a certification. Habitry believes that certifications are designed to prey on people’s fears that they’re just an imposter. Fact is, you're not an imposter. This is the beginning of your journey to mastering the skills of habit coaching and your foray into the Habitry Professionals community. Only people who have taken Essentials of Habit Coaching or are actively running Habitry groups can join, and Habitry Professionals is where we all collaborate to help each other and keep improving the Habitry Method.

Bring back the skills to the people that matter most: your clients

At Habitry, we never lose sight of why you do this job. Your clients. Essentials of Habit Coaching isn't about your career, your marketing, how to squat, what to eat, or who in the industry you should gossip about. This is 100% about helping clients. The Habitry Mission is "help the most people help the most people" — which means we want you to help you be a little bit better every day, so you can help them be a little better every day.

What you get

Emphasis is placed on direct practice in the real world. Each week, we’ll be practicing skills that enable you to:

  • Build a community culture that empowers your clients to reach their goals.
  • Increase client confidence, engagement, persistence, and retention.
  • Get clients to stay focused on process goals (instead of de-motivating outcome goals).
  • Establish high quality rapport and trust with your clients. 
  • Provide clients clarity on where they are and where they'd like to go.
  • Help clients form and keep new habits. 
  • Help clients bond with each other so they feel supported.
  • Support clients so they can keep moving forward every day.

You'll also be working with a group of fellow coaches and learning from their experiences. By the end of the training, you'll know more about how to use the power of habits to motivate your clients and help them reach their goals.

What participants are saying about Essentials of Habit Coaching

“We are immediately putting into practice the coaching and communication concepts that are essential for habit coaching. Even better that we are learning them in a way that become our normal practices and that we are simultaneously learning how to leverage this app towards habit change.” - Roberto G

“This is most likely one of my top 5 defining coaching moments. What I learned today is that I have the potential to be a far better coach than I had dared to dream I’d be” - Karen R.

“I will only speak for myself, but I’m sure others in the class will agree that it has been an absolute game changer in terms of the information that my clients have learned about themselves and what I have learned from them in order to coach them better. Omar Ganai has been tirelessly awesome in helping us dig deeper and become better at what we do, so thank you for that, and if you’re considering taking the class, do it. This has been some of the best time I have spent in my career as a coach. :)” - Susan O

How it works

Essentials of Habit Coaching is an online program conducted in the app Slack. You can access Slack via your desktop computer, web browser, or smart phone. Expect to spend about 15 minutes a day working with your group in addition to your real-world practice.

Program size is limited to 12 participants.

To enroll in Essentials of Habit Coaching, click the “Take the Program” link above. Your email address will receive an invitation to Slack in advance of the program start date.