So you want to start implementing a habit-based behavior change program with your clients and members? Why not the best program in the world? Coach Stevo will teach your team Habitry's special techniques for using the most powerful forces in social psychology to get more results for more clients without marketing or selling anything. This is the method hundreds of world-class coaches are using to implement behavior change with their clients and in their gyms. Coach Stevo will not only cover the entire method with your team, but also work one-on-one you to develop a plan of action for your business. This is not just a class, but a unique opportunity to consult directly with Habitry's CEO on how to use Habit-Based Coaching with your business. In fact, we 100% guarantee you will leave this workshop knowing what to do next.


This Master Class will Cover

  • Why the Habitry Method is the best in the world for promoting client behavior change.
  • The History of the Habitry Method, or "how to avoid all the mistakes we did."
  • How the whole thing works and how to make it work for you and your clients.
  • The Habitry App, including special walk throughs, tips and tricks for getting the most out of the most powerful tool in habit-based coaching.
  • What it takes to get started, get coaching, and give your clients the change they need to be successful.

What we'll give you

  • Our Habitry Starter Kit
  • The Getting Started Guide
  • Invitation Templates
  • Access to our Habitry Coaches Only FAQs,
  • Examples of landing pages and marketing templates.
  • Social Media Templates
  • The Newest version of our 50+ page Habitry Source which includes all the science, research references, and stories from 5 years of our Habitry Method.
  • Dedicated, one-on-one time with Coach Stevo to help you design your own custom Habitry implementation.

What we'll cover

  • Myths of Motivation and why you might actually be de-motivating your clients.
  • The Dual-Process Model of Habit-Formation: how habits are formed and the subconscious impact of environment on behavior.
  • Self-Determination Theory: why people do what they do.
  • Social Cognitive Theory: The most cited theory in Social Science and how you can use it to not only impact your clients' lives, but also increase referrals, retention, and results.

Major Topics

Coach Stevo will teach your staff the science using the metaphors that finally make sense.

"The Hot Tub Party"

How to create a sense of community and belonging with clients (even 1-on-1 clients!) in order to increase referrals, retention, and results.

"We're serving Champagne"

How to use habits to keep people focused, but also to give your community a shared mission and a common rallying point to start discussions.

Practical Takeaways

Everyone on your team will finish the day with clear, actionable steps that they can start implementing with their next client or class. These could include:

  • 5,3,1st: A simple, 3 step process for guiding clients to achievable process goals.
  • The 2Qs: Two simple questions that will help clients learn a "growth mindset" and that have been proven to foster motivation, purpose, and happiness.
  • The Habit Statement: Habitry's foolproof 1st step towards client habit-formation.
  • Habit Day Zero: A collaborative effort to introduce your whole community to the Habit-based training in a single day.
  • Quick Start Programs: Simple, week-long habits chained together to give your members a feeling of momentum and success
  • Contests: Habitry will teach you how to avoid the motivational pitfalls of most contests so that everyone feels the same motivation as the winner.