This workshop is Coach Stevo's introduction to the background and science of behavior change. It is a perfect primer on how behavior transformation actually works, and great introduction on the power of habits and community for becoming your best self.


  • Myths of Motivation and why you might actually be setting yourself up to fail before you even start.
  • The Dual-Process Model of Habit-Formation: how habits are formed and the subconscious impact of environment on behavior.
  • Self-Determination Theory: why we do what we do.
  • Social Cognitive Theory: The most cited theory in Social Science and how you can use it to transform your behavior... without even noticing you're doing anything.

Major Topics

Coach Stevo will teach your staff the science using the metaphors that finally make sense.

"The Hot Tub Party"

How to create an environment for behavior transformation that will allow you to build new lifestyle habits with the minimal amount of time and effort.

"We're serving Champagne"

How to use habits to stay focused on what works.

Practical Takeaways

Everyone will finish the day with clear, actionable steps that they can start implementing immediately. These could include:

  • 5,3,1st: A simple, 3 step process for prioritizing achievable process goals.
  • The 2Qs: Two simple questions that will help you learn a "growth mindset" and that have been proven to foster motivation, purpose, and happiness.
  • The Habit Statement: Habitry's foolproof 1st step towards habit-formation.