Here are 12 great articles that the Motivate Collective found and put together to help you. Check them out and share one you like with a client or friend!

1. Change Your Story to Change Your Life - Leo Babauta

The stories we tell ourselves about our lives become our reality. Since you have control over this, make yourself a hero, or try not to tell stories at all.

2. Why Your Critics Aren’t the Ones Who Count (Video) - Brené Brown

In this video, Brené Brown talks about the critics we’re all familiar with, both internal and external. Then, she outlines a clear, straightforward map of how to deal with those critics. Hint: “If you aren’t in the arena also getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback”.

3. Do your priorities support your goals? - Dianna DiToro

Sometimes we think we aren’t meeting our goals because we don’t have enough time to devote to them. In reality, it might be that our priorities are out of line. Assess whether your goals are actually high on the priority list, and make adjustments accordingly.

4. Habit Relapse: What to Do If You Fall from Your Diet or Good Habits - Leo Babauta

We all fall off the wagon of habit change at some point. But instead of just beating yourself up and giving up, you can use the setback as an opportunity to learn more about yourself, how to cope with your feelings of perceived “failure”, and how to move forward.

5. 35 Lessons from Precision Nutrition’s Most Successful Clients - Lee Helland

Lessons and advice from people who have had success on the fitness journey.

6. It’s Not Thanksgiving That Makes You Fat, It’s If You Act Like the Sky Is Falling - Josh Hillis

When you indulge on Thanksgiving Day and weekend and “gain five pounds”, you can choose to respond in various ways: 1) panic and act as though “the sky is falling” and eat anything you want until January, or consider yourself a terrible person and crash diet to make up for the excess eating, or 2) be reasonable and go back to normal eating and normal workouts. For those who resort to panic, they will likely see a true body fat increase in January, whereas the reasonable person will likely be back to normal body weight a week after Thanksgiving. Choose wisely.

7. How Constraints Make You Better: Why the Right Limitations Boost Performance - James Clear

Using Futsal as an example, a discussion on how being limited in options increases individual developmental capability in a specific skill set.

8. That fit person who’s “got it all together”…doesn’t. - Krista Scott-Dixon

Everyone struggles at some point in their life, even those who look perfect and seem to have it all figured out. Instead of comparing yourself to that illusion, you can let go of the idea of being perfect, recognize that you are unique and be ok with who you are, and still move forward towards a better you.

9. Be Better at Life: How to Find More Time to Train - Bobby Maximus

Finding creative strategies for finding more time to train and live life.

10. Shoshin: This Zen Concept Will Help You Stop Being a Slave to Old Behaviors and Beliefs - James Clear

The importance of the beginner’s mind and listening. The more expertise we get in a given domain, we have to pay MORE attention, NOT less. We tend to validate the information we already know as opposed to learning new information. Shoshin.

11. The Diderot Effect: Why We Want Things We Don’t Need — and What to Do About It - James Clear

The Diderot Effect is a tendency we can all relate to: we attach our identity to the things we own and start to believe that purchases will create the transformation we seek. Then we watch one purchase lead us into a spiral of consumerism as we realize that to complete our desired identity, we need another thing, and another, and another. You finally buy a gym membership, but to really be ready now you need a brand new set of high-tech workout clothes, and then, of course, you need a new pair of noise-canceling headphones and the best leak-proof, sweat-proof water bottle that you can find. Sound familiar? Here are some thoughts on how to curb that tendency and focus on things that matter.

12. How Do I Shut Up the Quitter in My Head? (Video) - Coach Stevo

One way to maintain forward progress when momentum is low is to just keep moving. Instead of thinking about the goal for the year, think about the goal for the day. An analogy: shorten the stride length, but keep putting one foot in front of the other. Sometimes long cheetah strides - sometimes tiny Chihuahua strides; regardless, you still reach the goal!

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