June is going to be a huge month for habit-based coaching.

I started Habitry, Co. with Vanessa Naylon in September of 2014 with a mission to “help the most people help the most people.” We wanted to create a space where coaches of all kinds could come together and talk about working with clients to help them change their behavior. A community not about what clients should do (which is why you’ll never see programming or nutrition advice from us), but about how to get clients to actually do it.

Since then, we’ve done some amazing things. We’re coming up on our third Motivate Summit (June 27-28 in Oakland, CA) which are the only public UNconferences in our industry and the only summits dedicated solely to habits, motivation, and behavior change. Our Motivate Collective has 300 members, our articles are reaching tens of thousands of coaches, and we’ve sold hundreds of copies of our book We Make Communities. We’ve certainly helped a lot of coaches learn more about helping their clients actually take their advice, but what you’ve seen from us in the last 9 months has been the tip of a deep iceberg. How deep is this iceberg? Well…

Habitry, Co. is a team of 11.

Wait. What are all those people working on? Surely not just conferences and blog posts?

You might have heard from Vanessa, Omar, and me on the forum that we have 8 more people contributing their time and expertise to this mission. We’re excited to tell you that, thanks to the work of this team, we have fantastic new tools and resources coming your way starting this month:

On June 15th, we’ll be announcing a new, unique, and completely free resource for coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists, physical therapists, strength coaches, and anyone else who works with clients to help them change their behavior. It’s the culmination of all the questions Habitry, Co. and the Motivate Collective have ever been asked about how to deal with people who “know what to do but just can’t make themselves do it.” If you’ve ever wondered why people pay you for advice but don’t take it, you’re going to love what we have to show you on the 15th.

Furthermore, we have also started testing our first offering for coaches who know that the secret to creating deep impact on client behavior isn’t talking but instead listening to their clients and meeting them where they are now. These coaches will be providing feedback to our team over the next two weeks, and we hope to make this offering available outside the Motivate Collective at the end of June (if you’re interested in finding out more sooner than that, you can always join the Motivate Collective; it’s 100% free!).

And finally, after toiling behind the scenes for months, we have started private testing of Habitry, Co.’s biggest project yet. After years of iterating privately, consulting with a dozen of the best coaches in the world, and serving over 500 test clients, the “Project Arcturus” platform is currently being rolled out to coaches committed to maximizing the impact they have with clients. And after only a few weeks, these Habitry Coaches are telling us that Project Arcturus has completely changed the way their clients think about fitness, nutrition, and themselves. We’ll be publicly unveiling the true name and nature of Project Arcturus later this year.

In December, we promised that 2015 was going to be huge, and 6 months in, we’re proud to say it’s going to be even bigger than we thought. Even if you’ve read all 254 of our articles and read We Make Communities, you’ve seen only the tip of the iceberg. If you want to be among the first to learn how big things are going to be for habit-based coaching in 2015, then join the Collective, attend a Summit, and get ready to see habits in a whole new way.