The Best Workout Motivation

By Dan John

I don’t know how I’ve made it this many issues without posting a link to an article by Dan. In this article for Men’s Health, Dan discusses the very heart of what habit-based training takes: other people. All the science from Self-Determination Theory, to Willpower, to Habits points in the same direction. And as someone who has an intentional community every day at 9AM in his backyard, I will also personally attest to how easy it is to be consistent when you know there’s going to be a knock on your door and a few people just like you who are all trying to solve the same problems. Make an intentional community for yourself and your clients. This is the radical change they’ve been looking for.


Taking Up Space

By Kristin Laine Newman, CSCS

My friend and colleague Kristin is an incredibly smart coach who lifts very heavy things very well. She has danced, fought, and lifted, all at a national level and dealt with the not-so-unique pressures of being a woman in sports with (ridiculous) weight classes and body-type expectations. Her post is a great introduction to “taking up space feminism,” and the issues that women face looking for their place in a world that can seem to push them aside. As Newman’s heartfelt article shows, a female client who doesn’t want to get bulky is not ‘just a silly girl,’ for even the strongest of us are not immune to expectations. We are not therapists (nor should we try to be) but if we hope to help get people from where they are at to where they want to be, we must empathize with where these fears come from and at least endeavor to do no more harm. Great coaches need the courage to listen with radical kindness no matter who is talking.