On a rainy Saturday in Utah, 41 people with the passion to show up got together in a circle and something happened. “I don’t know what ‘this’ is, but it’s something amazing,” Bill recapped.

41 people, brought together from all over the USA by Facebook, a few blog posts, and word-of-mouth found out that they weren’t alone. Becky spotted it early when she said, “I didn’t know there other people out there who thought about this stuff!”

“This stuff” was a common problem that every coach has, but until now, no one had been talking about.

[aesop_quote background=”#888888” text=”#dfbb46” width=”100%” align=”center” size=”2” quote=”What about the other 167 hours our clients aren’t with us? “ parallax=”off” direction=”left”]

The people that got together on Saturday all had a vested interest in answering this question. Coaches, Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, technologists, bloggers, armed services members, gym owners, and even a few clients locked themselves in a building with office supplies, coffee, and no idea what was going to happen for the next 6 hours.

But something did happen.

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All 41 people listened. They put aside their previously conceived notions. RKCs and SFGs listened to Crossfitters. Crossfitters listened to bloggers. Bloggers listened to tech people. And tech people listened to luddites. No one fought. No one called another person a name, and everyone assumed to best about everyone else. Because these were the people with the passion to show up. To make the world a better place for their clients and their peers. And it was immediately obvious this group was special.

Saturday was the first public Open Space Unconference in the fitness industry. An event dedicated to learning from each other and letting what needs to happen, happen. The attendees spontaneously created 30 sessions on habits, community, empathy, mission statements and more. Everything was on the table and some of the sessions just started with questions that have been on coaches’ minds for years, but no one had created a space to discuss it.

We made the space. The right people showed up. The conversations lasted as long as they needed to. And after an exhausting day of listening, talking, and a lot more listening, 41 people decided that the conversation wasn’t over.

In the coming weeks, I will be publishing articles inspired by that ongoing conversation. Articles about how to build communities, teach scalable habits, getting clients on board with your mission, and using rewards to maximize their motivation.

If you want to get involved with this community of amazing, dedicated SuperCoaches, the Second Motivate Summit will be in New York City on February 21st, 2015.  The job isn’t done, but now we know who’s stepping up to do it.