Coaches love tools. We have our “teach the squat” cues, our “fix the squat” correctives, and our “nice squat!” congratulations high-five. But what about when the client leaves? What tools do you have for the other 167 hours? One of my favorite tools for promoting behavior change is a simple sentence that you can start using today with all of your clients: [aesop_quote width=”100%” background=”#282828” text=”#FFFFFF” align=”center” size=”4” parallax=”off” direction=”up” quote=”What can you do today?”]

Variations include: “What can you do today to get one step closer to your goals? What can you do today to make your life easier? Your success more likely? Your dreams real?”

I ask my clients this question (or get them to ask it of each other) as often as necessary. It puts control in their hands, promotes autonomy and increases self-determined motivation. It makes them think about the process and verbalize a plan which increases their feelings of competence. It lets them know I care about them and their success outside of my hour with them which increases their perception of relatedness to others.

We discuss the plan. We narrow it down to a single, quantifiable action. Then I ask them the all important follow up question:

On a scale of 1-10 how confident are you that you can do this? If it’s less than 9, we make it easier.