Have you been itching to get to a Motivate Summit, but there just wasn’t one close enough to you? Well good news! Soon, there’ll likely be one in your backyard…

Last September, I had this crazy idea of bringing a bunch of people with the same problems together into the same room at the same time. We had no speakers, no agendas, and no idea what was going to happen. The first Motivate Summit was so successful that the people there, and in the Collective that grew out of that first meeting, demanded more. 90% of Summit attendees say they want to come to another Summit. So we scheduled 3 Motivates for 2015. And people still want more, but not everyone can afford to fly to Oakland, New York, or Salt Lake City. It’s a problem. One we can fix.

Announcing Motivate Community Summits

In the spirit of open-sourcing everything we can, Habitry is turning over the creation, planning, and innovation of the Motivate Summits to the community that was created by them. We are turning it over to you and all the people reading this. Our mission is to get as many coaches as possible together to solve the problem we all have: How can we effect change in the other 167 hours a week that our clients aren’t with us?

What does that mean in practice?

If you want a Motivate Community Summit in your town, we’ll work with you to make it happen.

We’ll give you the templates, schedules, plans, support, and the platform to bring it all together. All we need to get started is a venue, a date, and a “HELL YES!!” from you (and we can even help you find a venue).

And if you get 12 people to pre-register, Coach Stevo will fly out and run it.

That’s right. You just need to pick a time, a place, and tell your peers that there’s a Motivate Community Summit coming to your backyard. We’ll work with you on all the rest.

And it’s already working! Since telling people about this idea last week, here are some of the Motivate Community Summits in the works:

  • Salt Lake City: September 26th, 2015 (On Sale Now!)
  • Seattle: February 2016
  • Boston: March 12, 2016
  • Toronto: May 8, 2016
  • Chicago: June 2016
  • New York: August 2016
  • Las Vegas: September 2016
  • Oakland: TBD

We are also working on Motivate London and Motivate Sydney (both of which we could use your help on. If you’re interested in providing any help with those or any of the events listed above, please keep reading).

The Rules

We want to make sure that the Motivate Community Summits are as awesome as people have come to expect, so we’re insisting on some rules if you’d like to host your own.

  1. Habitry, Co.’s mission is to “help the most people help the most people.” We firmly believe in the value of a community coming together to solve the community’s common problems. So we’ve never made a profit on Motivate that we didn’t just roll into the next Motivate or use to sponsor attendees who genuinely could not afford to come otherwise. We would like to keep that community spirit alive so we insist that any profits Motivate Community Summits make must go back into the community in the form of lower ticket prices (so more people can afford it), or scholarships for specific attendees that you feel would benefit the most from being at the most unique Summits in the industry.
  2. We are happy to work with you on planning the events, but you’ll be the lead. Habitry, Co. can provide a lot of guidance and experience, but when the venue you’ve chosen asks for the cell phone number of the point person, it’s gonna be your number. If you have more than 12 pre-registered attendees, Coach Stevo will fly out and put on a hell of a show, but when attendees ask where the best place for lunch is, he’s gonna smile and send them your way.
  3. The budgets will be transparent. We have templates to help you make the plans, but since we want the whole community to benefit from the experience of each host, we’ll be making those real-life budgets available to the other hosts to learn from. Including our own going forward.

We’re so stoked to help bring Motivate Summits to every coach that needs them. The lesson we’ve learned over and over again at the Motivate Summits has been, “the right people are the ones that show up.” And now we hope to make that even easier by working with the Motivate Collective to meet even more coaches right where they’re at.

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