Almost 9 years ago, my first paying client told me a very simple fact that changed my entire life. Her name was Erin, and she was a 79 year-old Irish woman who had come straight from 6am Mass to hire me. I flashed her a confident smile because my freshly minted certification meant that I had at least gotten some of the exam questions right. I started to tell her what we were going to do, and she cut me off.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she dismissed me. “Look, I know what to do. I just canna make myself do it.”

We’re excited to announce the release of the Habitry app for iOS. It’s the first platform designed for group behavior change, and we think it’s the best platform in the world for professionals who want to help people change their behavior.

If you’ve ever had clients who struggled to form healthy habits, you can start helping them right now by signing up for a demo on our home page. And if you don’t want to read the rest of this blog post, we made a video for you to watch instead!

Why we made the Habitry iOS app

The Habitry method of group habit formation started about 5 years ago when I was working on my graduate thesis. Evidence about the transformative power of groups had been piling up and I was becoming more convinced that the problem that my clients were having is that people rarely change themselves. Communities however, change people all the time. Habitry was born out of the simple truth that habits are hard because people try to build them alone.

There were, however, a lot of bugs to iron out. After months of research into habits, community, and motivation, I cobbled together what I thought was the best system in the world for encouraging habit-formation and asked 12 friends to volunteer for a 12 week experiment.

No one lasted more than 3 weeks.

Undaunted, I started what would become 5 years of tweaking my approach (and started charging. People don’t stick around for free coaching). I ran groups again and again, and I tested what would become the Habitry method with dozens of professional in many fields working with close to 1,000 clients. There were a lot of discouraging days, but I knew something was working when our groups started growing based solely on referrals. What had started as a group of 27 grew to 120 people in 9 months, and I was only working about 30 minutes a day to keep them focused and on task. I knew I had something big, but we still had a problem.

I was teaching our method with the same cobbled together PDFs, spreadsheets, Google check-in forms, and hours on the phone with even the most educated and dedicated experts. If Habitry was going to meet its mission of helping the most people help the most people, we needed a simpler way for people to use it. Something that allowed professionals to coach from anywhere and on their own time. Something that met the clients where they were at (84% of the clients in our test groups interacted only with their mobile devices). We needed an app.

In 2014, I assembled a team of world-class designers, developers, user experience experts, angel investors, and all-around wizards to join Habitry, Co. on our mission. And I am so lucky to have found this team, because for anyone that doesn’t know I’ll be the first to tell you: building an app is really fucking hard. **Our team of 11 employees, contractors, advisors, and volunteers has taught me so much. And getting the app into the hands of our beta customers and their clients a few months ago has taught me even more. The fact is, our consistency rates are just as good (5x higher than other platforms) and our retention is even higher: **in three months, coaches on the app have kept 92% of clients. That’s a dramatic increase from 0% five years ago, and that’s with month-to-month billing and no long-term contracts!

We have a few hundred testimonials from the professionals and clients using the app, but I want to share just a few of my favorites.

I never knew coaching could be so fun!

- Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

I’ve gotten many compliments on how I look! But I’m taking a long view and want to be the tortoise instead of the hare. Planning my meals is just a habit now, and I don’t have to think about it. I love building habits for life and being able to check in and talk about it.

- Anonymous Habitry Client

I’ve wanted MORE (more more more!) clients for the past decade. For the first time ever, I have more than I want (which isn’t to say I want less!). Thanks Habitry!

- Sean Flanagan

How to coach on Habitry

Here’s the deal. Our mission is to help the most people help the most people, so we want to make habit-based group coaching as simple and straightforward as possible. So all you have to do is sign up for a demo** **and we’ll work with you to design a habit program, onboard your clients, and send you helpful tips for keeping them focused in perpetuity.

You get not only a mobile app designed specifically to make you more successful, but you also get:

  • Access to a community of like-minded professionals all working on the same problems as you.
  • Direct assistance from our support team in launching and sustaining your group.
  • Special content, webinars, and seminars exclusive to coaches on our app.
  • A whole bunch more — just take a look at our account plans.

This app is the culmination of a lot of very smart people working very hard to carve a path forward for your clients — and to quote Josh Hillis once he came onto our app — give you “the career you always wanted.” We make habits easy. So sign up for a demo and discover how many people you can help when everyone is working together.

  • Coach Stevo