There is a tradition in helping professions. First you are a client. Then you become a coach. Then you create a system that’s the one true way and you teach it to other coaches to become a “Coach’s Coach.” After that, all you have to do is make a cert, and you’re a guru.

But what the hell is a certification? A cert is proof you took a class and remembered enough material to pass the test that certification provider wrote. This is incredibly valuable for beginners and people who don’t have a system for helping other people yet. But what happens when your goal is not to teach a system? What happens when your mission is to “help the most people help the most people”?

At Habitry, our mission is different. We have set out to change the culture, the very story people tell themselves when they want to transform their lives, their bodies, and their minds. And to do that, we need to think bigger. Bigger than one system for motivating some people, we need to teach people the foundational tools of Motivation Science and empower them to implement them on their own. To make not “one true way” but an environment dedicated to fostering and learning how to use these tools to help the most people we can on their journey to personal transformation.


We need to change the temperature of the water, not just certify fish to swim in it. __click to tweet

]( need to change the temperature of the water, not just certify fish to swim in it. via @habitry)

For the past year, we’ve been helping a hundred or so Motivators learn these tools to create their own Intentional Communities in a sort of “secret club” of people using Habitry for iOS, or who were dedicated enough to take our Essentials of Habit Coaching program, or strike out on their own and get in touch with us for advice. We put a lot of what we learned in the Motivate Forum, but the real party has been going on inside. If you didn’t know how to get in, that’s OK. There’s been no “door.” But now there is.

Starting today, we’re opening up our Habitry Professionals community to any Motivators who are passionate and dedicated to helping people feel and stay motivated, as well as those who have been curious and are ready to take the plunge. And we will educate and support all Habitry Professionals, regardless of industry, application, or platform, as they create their own Intentional Commnunities, paid or free.

If you want to join the party, we’re swinging open the doors.

Who Habitry Professionals Is For

We want as many people as possible using the latest in Motivation Science with their clients and members. And a place for the most dedicated and committed Motivators to come together and say, “This worked. This didn’t.” And we want them to know that the people listening care as much as them and are there to help. In short, we want a safe place for people that are thinking bigger than themselves, bigger than their “career,” and bigger than an “industry.” We are looking for the Motivators who want to move the entire field of Motivation Science forward.

The biggest knock I have on certifications is that they prey on the dark side of mastery: our fears that we’re not good enough. That we’re impostors. That if we only had this, or knew that, then helping clients, finding clients, and motivating clients would be easy.

It’s never easy. No one is ever “ready.” There’s just us. The ones with the passion to show up, the courage to make being a Motivator a career, and the patience to practice it as a craft. We’re the ones our clients are waiting for. We might not be perfect, but together we might be able to make this world a little better for them.

If you got fired up reading that, we made this for you.

Who Habitry Professionals Isn’t For

We have intentionally created this community for the passionate, the curious, and the dedicated. For the people who genuinely give a shit about impacting their clients lives, are brave enough to try things, and the patient enough to see it through.

Who we did not make it for, are dabblers and jerks.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a taste of a thing, and for those who want to kick the tires, read the CliffsNotes, and are happy to wait to hear about the awesome adventure the Habitry Professionals are having changing the entire world of Motivation Science, I highly suggest you join the Motivate Forum, which will always be free. The Habitry Professionals are dedicated to opening up everything that’s working for us, it just might take us some time to get it all put together for more casual observers. But rest assured, as we do it’ll go into the Motivate Forum.

For the record: there is something wrong with being a jerk. There are no jerks allowed in Habitry Professionals.

Why We Made Habitry Professionals

I am not anti-certification. I am anti-lying to ourselves (and yes, I’m more than a little contrarian). But the mission Habitry is on is different. And we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make a more honest solution to our common problems than some content and a test afterward. And we made this because we all share some hefty problems:

  • People hire us to feel motivated. Most of them basically know what they need to do to change their lives, but they struggle to make themselves do it. We know from 50 years of Motivation Science that the best way to keep feeling motivated and focused is communities with a common mission. These “Intentional Communities” are the oldest, most powerful forces in personal transformation, but no one is teaching us how to make them, and we aren’t working together to make these communities the norm rather than the exception.
  • Intentional Communities are hard to make! They take a lot of patience on the part of the Motivator, who inevitably end up feeling like they’re doing it wrong when it’s not just “magically happening.” I’ve been teaching people how to make Intentional Communities for 5 years. On average, it takes coaches about 9 months before we start to feel like we “get it.” That’s 9 months of cultivation, daily attention, and unconditional positive regard. That’s almost impossible to do alone, no matter how “right” you know it is.
  • What’s “right” will always change! New research gets assimilated and disseminated. New Motivators bring us new techniques. And new technology makes us more efficient.

To review, we needed a solution that solved these problems:

  1. Most Motivators, no matter how amazing they are at making people feel special and awesome, do not know how to create Intentional Communities.
  2. Creating Intentional Communities alone is almost impossible without the support of a community of other Motivators and the guidance of experts.
  3. The field of Motivation Science and the field of available technology is a firehose of possibilities that Motivators need help sorting through.

Why Habitry Professionals Will Work for You

When you have a hammer, you see a lot of nails. We’ve created a lot of Intentional Communities, and this stuff keeps working. Now we want to create a Community whose Intention is to create Intentional Communities. That will solve our three common problems by:

  1. Bringing new Motivators up to speed on the fundamental skills of creating Intentional Communities using habits.
  2. Supporting current Motivators as they implement these fundamental skills.
  3. Creating new and better educational materials for future Motivators.

As I said, our mission is to change the temperature of the water in which our clients live, not to certify fish. That’s a tall order, because it means we need to do it at a price that every dedicated Motivator can afford, and our team needs to support all those hundreds of Motivators fairly.

In order to meet both these criteria, affordable and effective, there was only one option: 12 month commitments. From you, and from us.

Annual memberships, paid in full or in 12 monthly installments, mean that we are committing to a year of having your back. A year of creating content that will help you throughout your entire journey as a Motivator. A year of making better tools and technology for you and your clients and members. This is not a commitment we take lightly because we know how much support we have on offer. And don’t worry, we have a 30-day risk-free period in which you can cancel at any time for any reason. If it’s not a fit for you, you’ll know in a month.

What we’re asking from you is a year of giving this a shot. Your “Motivator Year”: the year that you set aside using Motivation Science to learn and practice helping your clients find their way. And to become the coach you always dreamed you could be.

If that seems like a long time, can I ask you a question? What were you doing a year ago? What other journeys have you committed to for a year surrounded by your best and most passionate peers?

We know this is potentially a big step for you because it’s a big step for us. So feel free to pepper us with questions. We think we’ve anticipated many of them in our FAQ, but we recognize that everyone’s journey is unique to them. With this commitment between all of us, we know this will work. More than a certification, more than a “rite of passage.” This will be the beginning of a mission we can only achieve together: to leave this world better than we found it. And to help the most people we can find their best self.

Learn more about Habitry Professionals and sign up.

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