Habitry is officially partnering with Lift the Bar!

Get ready for the biggest hands-on autonomy support program in the world.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Lift the Bar, it’s a place for coaches to get daily coaching, education and support for Personal Trainers.

We have been working closely with Lift the Bar already (including joining their members last year for their first annual conference and kicking off their client habit programs at LTB HQ), and in 2017 we’ll be stepping up our collaborations.

Coming soon to LTB: The Motivator

The first thing that Lift the Bar members can look forward to is the next issue of Habitry’s motivation science journal The Motivator — exclusively for Lift the Bar! Look out for that this summer. Second, we’ll be expanding our involvement with LTB’s trainer education program. And we’ll share the best of the motivation science education we perfected in our Habitry Professionals membership.

As part of fulfilling Habitry’s mission to help the most people help the most people, we know it’s better to be part of a big effort than to duplicate efforts. We’re excited to join forces with LTB to reach their goal to positively impact one million training hours.

Good News for Members of Habitry Professionals

Special note to our own Habitry Professionals members: starting on April 29, you’ll have access to all the benefits of Lift the Bar membership. If you’re a Habitry Pro, check the member site for more details.

Plus New Resources for Non-Coaches

And if you’re reading this and you’re not a coach, check out our new offering for everyone: Betterish. We’re spinning off Habitry’s “habits for everyone” efforts into its own thing. Betterish produces our new podcast, the bettercast, and we’ll be releasing even more stuff in 2017, drawing from what we’ve learned from talking to real people about change that matters to them.