Crazy good week for client-friendly articles. Thanks to everyone in the Motivate Forum. Our featured article is from the Moms Done Dieting blog and enjoyed a lot of attention and discussion. Check out what Lauren Koski has to say:

My Problem With Wraps


“I know, you’ve seen the AMAZING before and after pictures, but pictures only tell part of the story. The people in these pictures look smaller, maybe some of them ARE smaller for a few days, but it’s not FAT loss. One of the top distributors I looked at actually claims she lost 15 pounds in the 2 months she was using the wraps, and she did not change her diet or exercise routine at all. Ahem. Uh huh.”

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Get on your way already with James Clear:

The Goal is Not the Point: Choose a Path and Then Walk It ‘You say to yourself, “This doesn’t look like the treasure I was envisioning! I must be on the wrong path. I wasted all this time!’ After thinking for a few moments, you wonder, ‘Hmm… maybe I should switch goals? I bet there is bigger treasure elsewhere.’”

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A new article from Georgie Fear:

The Hardest Moment While Losing Weight “I wanted to share a quick snippet of Facebook exchange that occurred today in my clients-only group. I want to share because this client’s ‘problem’ is a very real one, a hard spot that makes or breaks many people’s journeys, and she voiced it in a way that I think will speak to a lot of my blog readers. Maybe you.”

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A reality check on goals from Samantha Attard:

Setting Better Goals “We so often forget to check in and make sure that we know why we want to achieve a goal. The plethora of information we are bombarded with on a daily basis makes this more difficult – there are so many articles telling us why we need to do X, Y, or Z to have the best life ever. It’s easy to lose touch with what our priorities and values are and how we want to live.”

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An article from William Ferullo:

Why Do You Want to Change? “Where do you draw the line between doing the work to get better and improve yourself versus being happy with yourself and the person you are? Where is the line between being satisfied with who you are today and being good with that versus who you want to become, the person you want to grow into?”

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And you know someone who wants to hear this advice from Coach Stevo:

How to Get Back on Track After Eating That Calorie Bomb “It’s late. You’ve just had a hell of a day juggling your job, kids, expectations and never really being able to step away from your inbox because you have a smartphone. You finally make it home after a 90-minute commute that’s really only 25 minutes without traffic, open your fridge to a plethora of healthy green food choices and think: ‘Screw it.’”

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