Here are some articles written this week by Habitry Collective Members about habits, motivation, and behavior change that you can send to your clients! And this week you absolutely must read Marc Halpern’s post on Lean Body 6 about his late grandfather:

Putting Things in Perspective

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“Forget about the benefits I got. My grandpa may have bought himself several quality years. Who knows whether he would have made it to 95 with or without exercising, but I know for sure it gave him quality, independent years. What else can give you such a great return on investment? For 2-3 times a week, less than an hour, it gives years of quality living.” Continue Reading


From James Clear:

What I Do When it Feels Like My Work Isn’t Good Enough “As I developed an audience, I noticed that I began judging my work. In the beginning, I was just happy to get my ideas down on paper, but now I felt like they had to be “good” ideas. I began comparing new articles to my most popular ones. I was constantly measuring everything I wrote against my internal standard of good and bad—even though I didn’t know exactly what that meant.” Continue Reading

Avoid the Second Mistake “One mistake is just an outlier. Two mistakes is the beginning of a pattern. Killing this pattern before it snowballs into something bigger is one reason why learning how to get back on track quickly is an essential skill for building good habits.”

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From** KC Ushijima:**

Little Magic Box – My Secret to Managing My Eating Habits “My devious and somewhat clever mind would find a way to “accidentally” forget” about preparing lunch the night before, or forget to bring it with me. I might find a way to convince myself that I have been good for the past few days, and so I don’t need to prepare food. There was also the chance that I would stick the lunch in the office kitchen, and ignore it. The “Out of sight, out of mind” idea.”

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New From Coach Stevo:

Healthy Habit Forming Gifts to Give Yourself “Much like a Jedi must make their own lightsaber in order to become a master, there are some gifts you just have to give yourself. This is especially true when you’re looking to form new health habits. Here’s a list:”

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From the Coach Stevo Archives:

So You Want to Stop…Ditching Your Resolutions by January 5th “That’s right – the point of a goal is to keep you oriented and moving forward. Therefore any goal, however noble or visionary, that does not make you feel grounded and keep you moving forward is no longer a goal, by definition. It’s a burden.”

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Integrity in the New Year “But I’ve been lying to myself. Because after all that work with goals, I’ve come to learn that a goal is a lie. A goal is a lie we tell ourselves to protect us from finding out what we really want.”

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