First, check out the latest fat loss habit video from the Habit Lab:

Fat Loss Habit #173 - Exercise Before Breakfast - Habit Lab from Habitry on Vimeo.

And now, from our community…when is fitspiration not inspiring? When it’s overbearing. Your clients see many different messages on their personal paths to health and fitness: help them recognize healthy and unhealthy ways of thinking. And as always, encourage them to find friends to help them walk the path. Our pick for this week’s must-read article was penned by Jennifer Campbell:

The End of Fitspo. Why Appearance-Based Fitness Marketing Is Failing

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“But instead of making me want to leap out of bed for an hour of food prep before hitting the gym at 6am of a cold Monday morning, seeing these aspirational pictures every day eventually just made me want to reach through the screen and punch them straight in their impossibly perfect abs…” Continue Reading

And Georgie Fear elaborates on the same topic:

Why “No excuses” memes need to die “I can liken [no excuses fitness memes] to what it would feel like if I sought financial advising, and it consisted of a millionaire saying to me, ‘You’re not wealthy? I am. No excuses!’” Continue Reading

Practical advice from Coach Stevo:

How to Tell if That Group Exercise Class is a Good Fit for You “Research has shown that people get more results from coaches who make them feel positive, empowered, and competent. A lot of bad trainers use words that make people feel that way because they think those feelings motivate people. And they do motivate people…to quit.” Continue Reading

And thoughts on thinking, from James Clear:

6 Famous Artists Talk About What It’s Like to Overcome Fear and Create Beauty “Fear isn’t something that must be avoided. It is not an indicator that you’re doing things wrong. Fear is simply a cost that all artists have to pay on the way to doing meaningful work.” Continue Reading

Mental Models: How Intelligent People Solve Unsolvable Problems “If you’re quite smart and talented in one area, you have a tendency to believe that your skill set is the answer to most problems you face. The more you master a single mental model, the more likely it becomes that this mental model will be your downfall because you’ll start applying it indiscriminately to every problem.” Continue Reading

Plus one vintage article (from last fall, actually) from Coach Stevo:

How to Find an Accountabilibuddy “Being accountable and being ready to change means being open. It means being open to eating new foods, trying new activities, and trying really hard to do something amazing in full public view. But that is the only way change happens.” Continue Reading