It probably started last Wednesday. Maybe it was that huge meal you cooked for your family, or maybe it was the extra 5-6 eggnogs you kicked back on Christmas Eve. Either way, with all the festivities of this holiday season you are probably thinking to yourself, “when was the last time I ate a vegetable?” or “what was the last night that I didn’t finish off a bottle of wine?” Well it was a fun week, but the Fat Kid Death March stops now.

FKDMs are specific to a kind of person that I train in abundance. They usually eat well and know what they should be doing, they just fall off the wagon every now and then. Eating ice cream every day is not their lifestyle, they just picked up a bad habit in the short term. The FKDM is not pleasant any more, but now they have a little sugar addiction or maybe are a little “luscious” with the holiday spirits. If this describes you, I recommend two options based on two archetypes I’ve seen and coached.

The Reboot

Stop it. Now. Get all the cookies out of your house; give away all your wine and beer. Stock up on vegetables and chicken breast and eat nothing but fiber and protein for a few days. This is not a fast, or a cleanse, or a diet. It’s a reboot so that you can get back into all your good habits, ASAP. This method is for those people that were living a healthy lifestyle with lots of healthy habits for a while and just like to get started hard with lots of dicipline. This is what I do, but I must warn you,** it’s only for a few days.** By the end of the week you should be back to carbs at breakfast and post-workout and lots of healthy fats.

Do One Thing

For those new to healthy living, or for those whom the FKDM has become more convenience than chore, I recommned waking up every morning and resolving to just “Do One Thing.” Throw away your Christmas cookies and your good for the day. Turn down that glass of wine tomorrow. Eat a salad for dinner the next day. Just make sure that you think about accumlating these healthy habits and make them a part of your every day plan. Don’t go out and buy more cookies and wine because you ate a salad today.** You have to chip away at the things you don’t need and accumalte the habits you do need every damn day**.