A lot of really awesome people have signed up for Motivate: A One Day Health and Behavior Change Summit that we are hosting in Salt Lake City on 9/27. How awesome? Last week, a few of those people got so excited about the possibilities of this Unconference and wrote an eBook. In a week. This collaborative effort is so awesome, and such a great example of what this Unconference is about, we want to give it away (as in “for free!”) to everyone who signs up for the summit before August 27th!

167 Secret, Simple Tricks to Burning Fat They Don’t Want You to Know and that You Won’t Believe! (Number 27 is Crazy!)


*It’s a PDF, not an actual book. You can’t get an actual book printed in a week.

If the title made you laugh, then you want this thing. It’s 41 pages long (9,023 words plus some pictures and stuff) with 167 tips for burning fat from some of the Superfriends, Coach Stevo, Josh Hillis, Marc Halpern, Seth Munsey, Taylor Lewis, Rob Morris, and Dan John.

Here are some examples, right from the eBook:

    1. ** Eat a different plant every day (or a plant in a different way).** In our experience, most people who claim to hate fruit and vegetables can’t remember the last time they had one. So take a few weeks and challenge yourself to try a whole bunch of new fruits and veggies! Never had fresh mango? Now’s your chance! Ever wondered what the kale fuss is all about? Roast some in the oven and make kale chips for the first time!
    1. ** Realize that perfectionism is a way to abdicate responsibility.** If your only option is perfection, then your only option is failure.
    1. Make dinner before you leave the house. Dinner is not a surprise; it’s pretty much a nightly occurrence. So plan it out, chop it up, portion it out, and put it in the fridge before you’re anywhere near that fast-food window. Then you won’t spend your drive home worrying about prepping, cooking, and cleaning—you just have to tackle reheating. Pressed for time in the morning? Make dinner the night before, or pre-plate a few meals on Sunday.
    1. Focus on planning, shopping and cooking, even before you focus on eating.

Get 163 more, just like this (or even better) for free when you sign up by August 27th!

These are tips we have used ourselves or with our clients for a combined half-century of coaching experience (granted 37 of those years are from Dan) with explanations that you can give directly to your clients! It’s also a great example of what Motivate is all about and what we can accomplish (and how fast we can accomplish it) when we work together to make the world a better than how we found it.

So sign up before 8/27 and I’ll email the PDF with all 9,023 words (plus some pretty pictures) right too your inbox!


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