sohee-head-circleWhy Slow and Steady Really Wins the Fat Loss Race

By Sohee Lee

Sohee, no stranger to the Coyote Point Kettlebell Club, writes on Livestrong about the struggles that every one faces with body composition and lifestyle change. Specifically, patience and delegating your energy to the places that matter. As we have learned from the great work of Roy Baumeister and his colleagues studying Ego-Depletion, humans face behavioral change with a very limited amount of willpower. It pays to pick your battles and place all your energy on mastering a single daily habit. Most people get lost going half-way down many paths, not going too far down a single one.

jon-head-circleDon’t Stop, Understand

By Jonathan Goodman

Jonathan does what good writers do and writes a great article where others would have been content to simply start a fight on Facebook. Stressing “understanding” over blindly struggling forward is simply great advice for anyone trying to help people find their own path in the darkness. Some of the hardest habits to learn are the habits of awareness, and they are usually where I start with my own clients. I use food journals, training logs, self-talk logs, and time logs all the time, but usually only at first when clients simply have no idea what they are eating, doing, and saying to themselves, but I also love Jonathan’s alternative. Finally, Jonathan’s insistence on asking “why” more than once is huge. In my workshops, participants ask each other that question non-stop for 1-3 minutes. I call it “The Five Year Old Game” and it usually ends in some enlightening answers. Also tears.