How to Stack the Deck in Your Favor

By JC Deen

JC Deen, also no stranger to the Coyote Point Kettlebell Club, has a hilarious style and a great system for keeping people on the path to health and fitness. His online coaching is all about “stacking the deck” to make healthy decisions easier to make until they become habit, which is the very foundation of habit-based coaching. This system is easy to replicate with your own clients or just with friends if you want the stack the deck in your own peer group. His attitude is also much more “values and identity” focused than “goal” focused, which gets props in my book.


Everything You Need to Know, Right Here

By Krista Scott-Dixon

KSD, Program Developer and Coaching Coordinator at Precision Nutrition and Head Mistress of Stumptuous, wrote this article in 2011 and it has stuck with me for 3 years (KSD is also one of the great coaches I email when I have gotten stuck over the last 3 years). This article is an eloquent, profanity-laden screed in the KSD-style advocating for simple process goals instead of the large, external outcome goals that people have come to associate with fitness. So many coaches will read this and say, “duh” to themselves, but pay special attention to the way that KSD sells consistency and the basics as virtues to be courageously pursued and not just gruel to be settled for. Coaches ask me how I keep clients when I only coach 6 movements and this article is more direct than than any I have composed. The best are the best at the basics, and KSD sells them better than Ron Popeil sells Showtime Rotisserie ovens.