What No One Teaches You about Surviving the Coaching Business

The average career lifespan of a personal trainer is 3 years. Many of them drop out after 18-24 months. What’s kicking trainers out of the fitness industry? What do they need to survive past this critical time? It’s not about getting more knowledge of exercise science. It’s about developing a willingness to experiment with ways to grow their coaching practice. Specifically, you must be willing to work with new technology to win enough clients to keep you in business.

In this session, Coach Stevo of Habitry and Matt McGunagle of StrengthPortal talk about the importance of embracing new technology, getting into the mindset of experimentation, and finding easy ways to incrementally improve your approach to the business side of coaching.

Your new mantra: Click the button!

Here are some of our suggestions for easy,


Content marketing:
Built-in phone camera filters

Video creation:
Rode smartlav mic
iMovie or whatever video editing software you have available

Podcast creation:
Blue mic
Quicktime on a Mac

Special thanks to Seth Munsey, who doesn’t know he inspired this conversation.