Meh.In this ongoing series, I post (with permission) actual questions that have landed in my inbox.

Can I have a Luna bar?

__Sure! Wait, you’re suffering from being extremely underweight, right? Or you just hiked 2/3 of the Appilachian Trail this weekend? A doctor diagnosed you with hypoglycemia because throughout a 24 hour period your blood plasma glucose levels are between 4-8 mmol/L? Oh, none of those? Then why are you eating a rectangle of soy byproducts that has more sugar than two Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? 9 grams of soy protein does not make up for 27g of sugar. The general guidelines for protein consumption during body recompotision are 1g/lb of bodyweight. If you you are a 140lb woman who wants to be hotter, that means you should be shooting for 140g of protein a day. Putting it bluntly, 9 grams of protein is nothing towards that goal. And processed soy is kind of a lame protein. Be creative with ways to get more protein and more plants into your diet. Not more sugar.

Want something sweet that packs more than 30g of protein and will keep you full for a lot longer than a candy bar in disguise? How does a Watermelon Creamsicle Smoothie sound? “Yum,” that’s how!

Blend the hell out of it and enjoy!