In this ongoing series, I post (with permission) actual questions that have landed in my inbox.

_What muscle does [that] work? _

__All of them. If you’re working with me or doing any of the exercises I’ve mentioned on this blog, the answer to this question will always be “all of them.” The movements I coach, hinge, squat, carry, push, pull, twist are movements that you do every day of your life. They require the coordination of your entire body to transfer force from the ground, through your body, and into the weight. This means all your muscles have to work together. Sure, a hinge will work the muscles of the back of your body a little more than the front of your body, but the goal here is to get your body to work better as a tool so that you can do whatever you want with it. Worrying about ‘what muscles do what’ is your motor cortex’s job.