In this ongoing series, I post (with permission) actual questions that have landed in my inbox.

_What should I do for cardio? _

Whatever you want to be able to do a lot of in a given amount of time. Cardio training is getting your body more effecient at using its fuel systems to produce force over time. But cardio is training and training should always have a goal. If you run, you should run. If you row, you should row. If you need to pass a snatch test, you should snatch. I like to walk, box, and play a little rugby so my cardio is that stuff 3x per week and always try to go a little harder than the week before. What cardio isn’t is fat loss training. It may be a little buffer against slip ups, but you can’t outrun a donut. Think about what it is you love doing and train for it with your cardio selection.