Good news for everyone who loves our podcast, the bettercast, and the work Habitry has been doing for over two years!

The short version: As of today, Betterish is here! We’re doubling down on exploring real stories of change. You might’ve noticed we stepped up our podcasting to one episode a week (up from one every two weeks). Today we’re committing to doing even more to help everyday people with the habits that matter.

And we’re getting a new name to go with our new mission.

The longer version:

We kicked off Habitry in 2015 with a goal of helping coaches help their clients make real, healthy changes. While our work at its core has always been about motivation science, we usually were applying it to nutrition coaching.

We started to help coaches use motivation science in their coaching by getting them to focus on listening and asking questions in autonomy-supportive, competence-supportive ways. In teaching them about basic psychological needs, we realized this communication stuff is for everybody. And that there are more “habits that matter” than nutrition. So we’re broadening our focus from helping just coaches with just fitness stuff.

We noticed that real stories of change weren’t getting told. Too many gurus talk about stunning transformations, too many ads promise “one weird tip”, and bloggers too often simplify the story of change. Change is actually a complex process full of subtlety, little changes, minor decisions. Getting better at things doesn’t mean going from bad to great — it means getting a little bit better. And that’s why we’re calling this next project Betterish.

What Betterish Does

Betterish is focused on telling real stories through the bettercast. Betterish is also creating new things based on what we’re learning from talking to real people.

Betterish will help people do universally impactful things, a little bit at a time.

We invite you to join us at Betterish!