The first weeks of Habitry’s online program, Essentials of Group Coaching, have been illuminating for our coaches.

This program is special because it’s discussion-driven rather than content-driven. Keeping the program focused on discussion (rather than pre-fabricated lessons) helps ensure that the program experience is practical and relevant for participants.

Here’s what some of our enrolled coaches are learning so far:

“I have a brand new client who is highly motivated for change and fairly high skill level…He also has a lot of questions about his approach. Rather than try and dazzle him with knowledge, I try to keep asking questions back to help him arrive at better and more sustainable solutions. It's amazing how the question ‘how is that working out?’ can open up doors for communication and problem solving!” — Jason L.
“I use stories and metaphors to try to connect my clients to ideas/practices/habits that might help them. Then I ask them what they think about those ideas and whether they could be helpful to them.” — Rob G.
“I have noticed recently that [awkward silences] can be useful. Sometimes when you give them the time and space in the conversation they will fill it with something totally amazing and unexpected! Super hard to sit back and wait for it, but at times it has been totally worth the wait (and the momentary awkwardness!)!” — Dustin S.

The above quotes were sourced from “All the Autonomy! 48 Lessons from Asking Open-Ended Questions”, which our participants in the Essentials program created and then shared with the Motivate Forum. If you’d like to get sneak peeks at content from the Essentials program, learn about how to join the Motivate Forum.

Upcoming opportunities to take Habitry programs:

  • August 17 - September 30: Essentials of Group Coaching. Reserve your spot now.
  • September 14 - October 25: Essentials of Group Coaching. Signups open on August 20.
  • September 25: We Make Communities 1-day live workshop in Salt Lake City. Reserve your spot.

More programs are being added and will be announced in the coming weeks.