For the week of May 21, 2015

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We’re featuring a video from our Motivation Myth Busting series:

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Check out the first contribution from Motivate Collective member Temi Towry Coker:

You ‘should’ do nothing

“At a dinner the other weekend I ate about five helpings of salad because I thought it was delicious and other people didn’t feel the same way. Almost everyone that passed me their salad said the words ‘I know I should eat salad but…‘”

Still skeptical that you’re not succeeding hard enough? Georgie Fear is up next:

You didn’t fall off the wagon.

“The wagon symbolizes perfection, or your idealized standard of where you ‘should be’. And it’s not real.”

KC Ushijima is also urging you to reset your expectations:

High School Never Ends…in the Gym

“I am almost 35, and I often meet other gym members around my age. Many of them still train like or romanticize training like we did in high school/college. Some handle it pretty well, but the majority are just beat-up, burned out, and making little to no progress.”

Coach Stevo dishes out some tips:

6 Tips to Curb Mindless Eating

“According to Dr. Wansink’s 30 years of research, we rarely stop eating because we’ve eaten enough. We usually stop eating because of external cues in our environment that tell us to stop. Like a clean plate. Or our friends have stopped eating.”

1 Mindset Tweak that Will Help You Lose Weight

“You wake up after having slept a little, grab a breakfast you’re not really excited to eat on your way to a job you’re not really excited about. You spend your afternoon dreading going to the gym to work out after work. And you’re frustrated that you’re not losing weight.”

Too busy? Nonsense, says Gemma Venn:

Stop Being Busy and Start Being Productive

“Most of the time when we say we are busy­ it is because we simply don’t feel like­ doing something. This is ok now and aga­in. We are all entitled to some lazy tim­e now and again. But when we are ‘busy’ ­too often it becomes a habit. And not a ­good habit.”

Last but not least, here’s James Clear:

Design for Default: How to Optimize Your Daily Decisions

“You might assume that humans buy products because of what they are, but the truth is that we often buy things because of where they are. For example, items on store shelves that are at eye level tend to be purchased more than items on less visible shelves.”

You’re Not Ready for Marriage

“While working on a track called The Matrimony, Wale questioned Seinfeld about his thoughts on marriage. At first, Seinfeld talked about what it felt like to get engaged. He explained the combination of excitement and nervousness and helplessness that made engagement feel like being strapped into a rollercoaster headed to the top of the hill where the marriage awaits.”

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