How much can you change your body in only 6 weeks?

Are you feeling a little chunky? A little weak? Maybe you’re sick of the damn elliptical or would like a hot, new booty to show off this spring. Well Coach Stevo’s Sophomore Class in Strength is the answer you’re looking for! Starting on Tuesday the 22nd, he will be taking a whole new class of people a whole new class of hotness. Just 30 minutes per session, twice a week, for 6 weeks and you will know why Coach Stevo’s Freshman Class declared it, “the best thing we’ve ever done for our body.”

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6-6:30pm
Where: LaFayette Park
How Much: $150.00

Today is the day you decide to do something different. To do something that works.

Call or text 415.504.BURN, email, or tweet @coach_stevo to RSVP.