I have launched the new CoachStevo.com and boy are my launching muscles sore. Not much has changed to the casual observer, but there are a lot of new capabilities for my clients that will be rolling out of beta in the coming weeks. Since most of you are readers of my blog, I should let you know that during the importing process, most of the pictures and links on the blog died. I am fixing this by hand at the rate of a few posts a day, but there are 104 of them so be patient. For the record, that’s 72,840 words in 2.5 years of blogging.

Many people have asked me for better ways to browse through all that content, so I’ll also be organizing the posts with tags and categories as I clean up the links and pictures. I’ll also be adding navigation on the blog page once I get everything tagged and categorized.

Thanks for your patience in the transition and I hope you will take advantage of my first CoachStevo.com 2.0 feature: commenting. Yes, I had comments turned off on my last website. So I’m going to try leaving commenting on for the time being. Here’s hoping you guys take more advantage of it than the spammers will.

Thanks again,

Coach Stevo