All the blogs I read have done posts about how not to get fat during Thanksgiving. I follow some really great fitness and nutrition experts, so the posts are all very scientific, well reasoned, and long. But many people have asked my advice about how not to get fat during Thanksgiving, so here’s Coach Stevo’s KISS advice:

  • Pick up some heavy things prior to eating.

  • Relax. It’s just one meal.

  • Put down the fork when you’re 80% full and wait a few minutes until dessert.

The key to this whole strategy is eating in your post-workout window, keeping your binge to the one meal, and not to let guilt drive you to excessive cardio (remember that you can’t out run a donut). Putting down the fork early and waiting a few minutes until dessert will just lessen that “bloated” feeling which is really all that binging on one meal is. Getting fat takes weeks and months of poor food choices. So relax; you aren’t going to get fat from a single meal.