This weekend, there’ll be a run on snacks at your local grocery store. So it’s time for a snackable edition of Articles for Clients! First, help your clients be prepared to stick to their plans when they shop for Super Bowl Sunday by encouraging them to make a shopping list:

Fat Loss Habit #60 - Make a Shopping List. Featuring your author in her first Habit Lab.

So…what are you doing Sunday? And what are your clients doing? There’s a decent chance they’ll be getting together for one of the year’s traditional snackathons. And if your clients are working on modifying their eating habits, they might appreciate some tips that help them feel positive about their choices at a Super Bowl party. This week’s must-read article for your clients was penned at the start of football season but is perfect advice for game day. From Coach Stevo:

6 Ways to Prevent Over-Snacking on Game Days

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“Some research shows the average NFL game only has about 11 minutes of actual game play. Which means you can reach for the chips, or head to the kitchen for another snack, without missing a thing for 163 minutes.” Continue Reading

And here’s a new one from Coach Stevo on motivation:

How to Stay Motivated When Starting a New Habit “The only weeks that really matter are weeks 3 and 4 and weeks 6 and 7. These are the ‘Habit Hangovers.’ If you can make it to week 7, you’re likely golden. But here’s what it takes to stay motivated.” Continue Reading

The stories we tell affect our motivation too. So says James Clear:

How to Deal With Critics and Detractors in Your Life “In 1988, Brodsky delivered the commencement speech to students at the University of Michigan. I think it shares a beautiful strategy and method for dealing with the critics, detractors, and negative influences in your life.” Continue Reading

You know more than you think. It’s time for you to share your insights.

You’re in a perfect position, as a coach, to observe the challenges and triumphs of people trying to change their health and fitness behaviors for the better. Habitry would love to help you share your insights with a larger audience.

Just start writing it down. As with a new habit, **start small. **Choose a headline and build on it. When you get to 500 words, stop, check your spelling and grammar, post, and then share your article with us. You could write about something you learned recently or tell a story inspired by someone you know. It’ll spark a great discussion.

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And enjoy Super Bowl weekend.