Stevo Ledbetter: Behaviour Change Through Courage, Consistency, and Community


In this episode of the Super Strength Show, Stevo Ledbetter takes us on his journey to becoming a Sport Psychology and Behaviour Change Coach. During this interview Coach Stevo teaches you how to master your life through courage, consistency, and community.

More Specifically in this Episode

  • The Power of Community and it’s Effect on your Habits
  • The Importance of Consistently Showing Up
  • The Influence of Others Can & May be Your Determining Factor for Success
  • People Innately Learn from Each Other
  • The Effect of Social Cognitive Change
  • The Power of Words
  • We Are Really Influenced by the Way We Perceive Ourselves
  • We tend to focus on the stuff we’re already good at, rather than focusing on the stuff we’re not good at in other to get better at it.
  • Confidence comes from: Past Experience, Vicarious Experience, Imagined Experience, Physiological State
  • Willpower is a Limited Resource… but you can Improve It.
  • We Are Wired To Learn By Watching Each Other
  • Before and After Photos
  • How to Get A Community Together
  • Focusing at One Thing at a Time
  • Make a Plan and Execute In Every Small Part of It
  • Win or Learn
  • Plan, Do, Review, Improve