The Habitry Collective loves books. We ask every new member of the Collective “what is your favorite coaching book that is not a health and nutrition book?” and we’ve kept a list of the 141 (and growing) answers. I also maintain an Amazon Wishlist for books on behavior change that has 22 titles on it (also growing). But making lists and actually reading the books on them are two very different things, so in a perfect example of what Habitry is all about, the Members decided to do something about it.

The **Habitry Book Club** is free, online, and open to anyone with the passion to show up. All you have to buy is the book. > >

For the first edition of the HBC, the Collective has chosen Motivational Interviewing in Health Care. I personally think this book is the toolkit for great coaching. I tell new coaches to buy it and sleep with it under their pillow and I even wrote a review of it last year. If you would like to take your coaching game up a notch, get some accountability for actually reading the book, and join in the conversation with the best online coaches in the world, here is what you need to do:

  1. Join the Collective. All you have to do is request access to our Facebook Group and survive the hazing!
  2. Read Motivational Interviewing in Health Care by February 25th.
  3. On February 25th, we’ll open a thread about what we learned and what skills we identified from the book that we could improve upon. Pick one skill and practice it for the next week.
  4. On February 27th, Vanessa Naylon will host a Google Hangout for anyone who wants to discuss it verbally.
  5. Then on March 5th, we’ll each report on what we did and how it worked out in the Facebook Group.

Since Motivational Interviewing is a collection of skills, the Habitry Book Club is going to be a little different than other book clubs because we’re going to continue to meet up online to practice those skills together and keep each other accountable. So join the Collective, buy the book, and I look forward to hearing what you’ve learned on the 25th!

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What: Habitry Book Club, Motivational Interviewing in Health Care

When: 2/25/15 on Facebook, 2/27/15 on Google Hangout, 3/5/2015 in Facebook

Where: The Habitry Collective.

How Much: FREE!