This month Weight Watchers, the Google of the weight loss industry announced a new ad campaign. With no celebrities. Or promotions. Or promises. Or before and after photos. It’s all real people talking about their real struggles, physical and emotional, with weight loss.

In an article for USA today, a spokesperson from Weight Watchers said:

[aesop_quote background=”#282828” text=”#FFFFFF” width=”100%” align=”left” size=”2” quote=”‘A celebrity-only strategy is not something we’ll do in the future,’ says Lysyj. Showing before-and-after photos of celebrities makes dieting look way too easy — and too unrealistic, she says. ‘From this point on, that’s not a major part of our story.’” parallax=”off” direction=”left”]

Think about that for a second. No more before and after photos because they make weight loss seem to easy. After decades, Weight Watchers finally had to admit that making weight loss seem easy, while it might help in the short term, hurts our business in the long term.

And now, the core of the Weight Watchers ad campaign is that weight loss, real permanent change… is hard.

I stopped using before and after photos in 2011 because I could see what it was doing to my customers and my business. It was placing too much focus on outcome instead of process. It was bringing me the wrong kind of customers. And it was making me feel gross. So I stopped.  I started using the same types of testimonials and community referrals that Weight Watchers will now be relying on. I started thinking of marketing as a filter. And my business grew. And grew. And grew. These are now the same marketing techniques used by the coaches in the Habitry Collective.

[aesop_quote background=”#d4af37” text=”#333333” width=”100%” align=”left” size=”2” quote=”As for the right kind of marketing, all I do is always ask, ‘what do I believe, THEN how do I work, finally what do we do.’ Values values values. You might get less people but trust me they will be loyal mofos. We have a ton of clients that we barely marketed too.” cite=”Roland Fisher, One by One Nutrition” parallax=”off” direction=”left”]

We are witnessing the Revolution that we have all been a part of now hitting the mainstream. Millions. Tens of millions of people are going to see these ads and learn, for the first time from a brand they trust, that weight loss is hard. And that the key to permanent, healthy weight loss is small lifestyle changes in a community of people sharing their struggle.

If you career revolves around fat loss, Weight Watchers just made your life a whole lot easier. If you make a living helping people lose weight, the largest brand in our industry just started an 8-figure ad campaign for you and your business.

The Revolution is here, ladies and gentlemen. And it is being televised on our behalf.