_A young woman came to me at the gym one March for her free assessment. She wasn't overweight, but she was by no means fit. She'd never trained before and her movement assessment showed it. She was a blank canvas, starting from scratch. "I'm a strength coach. If you train with me, I can make you stronger." She shrugged and said, "OK."_ _I never saw her again._ > >

The theme of this, the 4th issue of UNSEEN DEGREES is about the question “why.” In this month’s 14 page issue:

  • An editorial about why I’m publishing UNSEEN DEGREES featuring Dan John.

  • Two tools that I use to figure out my clients’ motivations without having to ask, “why?”

  • A round up of four articles featuring some fresh habit-based coaching ideas.

  • Game-changing research articles on Motivation, Habits, and Willpower.

  • A review of Motivational Interviewing in Health Care and why I think it’s required reading.

  • A fun and practical Concept of the Month that you can use to promote long-term change.

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