Well, people. We wrote a damn book. A really awesome book of which we are hella proud. It’s 204 pages of the entertaining and evidence-based goodness that you’d expect from Habitry, Co. It’s got dozens of tips, lots of great stories, and pictures of Coach Stevo as a 14 year-old. What’s it about?

Getting more clients and keeping them on track.

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This is a magnum opus from Habitry, Co. on the philosophy and science behind how we create Communities of Consistency. It’s the steps you need to take, the skills you need to practice, and the examples you can follow to find “a better way” to help the most people possible.

I’ve helped thousands of people by making small intentional communities and spent years studying why they work so well. We believe in this “better way” so much, that we’re selling the first 100 copies of the book at more than half off.



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Using the most powerful forces in social psychology to get more results for more clients without marketing or selling anything

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Most fitness professionals have the same two problems. First, they need more clients. Second, they need a better way to keep their existing clients on track.

One method solves both of these problems. And it may surprise you to know that it’s not about habits. It’s about creating the conditions for a group of people to come together and help each other.

In this book, you’ll learn why building a community works better than coaching one-on-one, how to start your community, how to identify your unique marketing message, why you absolutely must embrace vulnerability, what to read, and why being a great coach sometimes means shutting up.

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