You can build

motivating technology.

People need products and content designed keep them engaged, change their behavior, form better habits, and lead better lives.

Making engaging products means

understanding user psychology.

It's possible to get there with trial-and-error, but we rely on 40 years of motivation science research to help you build and say the right things to customers.

Effective products can inspire users to

live better lives.

When technology is designed to promote motivation, it doesn't just solve problems— it shows us it's possible to be better people. Customers respond to that by engaging more deeply, by getting involved in feature feedback and with product evangelism.

Motivated users do more than use products. They actually fall in love with them.

We're the experts in

Practical Motivation Science.

You've probably already seen some motivation tactics work and others fizzle. Habitry can help you connect the dots and put an assessment and action strategy in place to move from persuasive tactics to motivation design.

A Few of Our Tools

Every company and every customer is unique, but relying on universal Motivaiton Science princples, we've developed a toolkit of methods that have repeatedly proven useful.


Learn how to implament a new, evidence-based model for understanding why users do what they do. For product, customer success, marketing, and sales teams.

Motivation Assessments

Find out what your customers are thinking and why they are using your product.

Habit Assessments

Where your customers are on the road to using your products automatically.

Content Audits

More motivating products start with saying the right things to the right users at the right time. We'll anaylize your products to maximize the impact of your message.

Style Guides

Make motivating products and content a part of your culture by working with us to create a custom motivation style guide for your company.

User Journeys

Save time and money by finding out where your users are losing motivation and why and developing strategies for keeping them engaged.

You build great products.

We can help you motivate people to use them.