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Practical Motivation Science

Articles, tips, research, reports, thought experiments, and wild speculation about applying behavior change science to the practical problems facing product managers, designers, and anyone making stuff for health care, consumer financial products, pharma, insurance, or education.

The Journal

The Motivator

An Annual Motivation Science Journal for anyone who helps, coaches, or trains people. In The Motivator, we talk about the newest, most important research about why people try to change and why it’s so easy to mess up. These research summaries have more of the evidence meat and less of the jargon gristle. You also get over 100 evidence-based, practical tips. Assimilate what scientists know about motivation. Apply it to real people. Anyone who helps, coaches, or guides people will benefit from understanding why people do what they do.

We publish quarterly previews exclusively in Lift the Bar Magazine

The Podcast

the bettercast

Coach Stevo's labor of love, the bettercast is an audio exporation about what it means to get better at things.

Resources for Health Coaches

As part of our partnership with Lift The Bar, Habitry makes resources specifically for the needs of health coaches who want to motivate their cleints. For even more awesome coaching content, check out

We Make Communities

A 200-page ebook for coaches need more clients and a better way to keep their existing clients on track. Coach Stevo walks you through using the most powerful forces in social psychology to get more results for more clients without marketing or selling anything.

Fitness Starter Kit

A 50-page guide designed to get you started in Habit-Based Coaching. Learn all about the science, stories, tips and tricks of the Habitry System and get 24 health & fitness habit examples, enough to run your own year-long habit-based behavior change program.

Coaching Blog

We have 300+ of articles about coacing, behavior change, motivation, and habit formation specfically for health coaches.