How we usually work


We teach businesses how they can use motivation science to meet their goals through tailored workshops, and follow-up labs.


We help improve the effectiveness of products and services by working with companies to design, implement, and assess interventions to improve engagement.


We work with people to invent new solutions to hard problems using insights from motivation science research.

What does this usually looks like?

Here's a small list of the aweseome things we've done with people.

  • Partnering with health coaches to create a mobile platform using Motivation Design to improve client adherence.
  • Increasing sales by designing a personalized skill development program for salespeople scaled via Mechanical Turk.
  • Leading workshops on Motivation Design for product teams seeking to improve user enggement.
  • Assessing and improving patient outcomes with better self-monitoring via chatbot.
  • Working with the largest professional community of personal trainers in the UK to redesign their online education platform.
  • Reducing turnover by creating and implementing a sales-skill development program for a large, inbound sales company.

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